Hosting Services


At UniHost we offer 2 types of hosting services,

Self Managed & Managed.



Self Managed

Self managed customers access and take control of their hosting. Utilising the cPanel control panel to access account functions such as creating email accounts and managing mailbox sizes, creating/deleting FTP accounts, etc. Self Managed hosting is ideal for the customer with some technical ability or simply keen to immerse themselves into everything related to their domain and learn as they go.



Managed hosting clients contact UniHost to discuss their requirements. In most cases via email requiest or even an SMS. UniHost will then on the customers behalf perform the required tasks. Clients need only perform what is required on their end. Technical Support is also available to complete additonal tasks required for clients who lack IT Support locally, at very competitive rates.

Clients who feel that Self Managed is all they require are able to upgrade to a Managed hosting service at any time. UniHost will only charge a prorata amount for the remaining 12 month period.